UK and European launch of Microbubbles at CRUFTS 2018

Posted by Just Barking Team on

We're bubbling over with enthusiasm for our recent successful UK and European launch of MICRO-BUBBLES at Crufts 2018, the world's biggest dog show.

A microbubbles treatment is a silky soft, deep cleanse of your dog's skin and coat. The dog is placed in a separate tub of warm water. The water is sucked from the tub, through the generator, and back into the tub in the form of billions of tiny bubbles.

The bubbles are smaller than a human hair, and swirl around your dog, travelling into the pores of the skin or the follicle, even into the sebaceous gland inside the follicle. Here, the negatively-ionised microbubbles attract the positively-charged bacteria and remove the bacteria to the water's surface. This gentle, deep cleanse helps to restore the skin and coat to its normal healthy function.

Microbubbles are ideal for the treatment of chronic skin conditions like demodex (mites) as well as recurring ear infections, dryness and irritation. Although still a relatively new alternative therapy, vets in Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore are embracing the use of microbubbles in their surgeries. 

Microbubbles are also used for the medical treatment of skin conditions in humans including psoriasis, excema and hair-loss. There is even a Japanese patent application for the use of microbubbles in the rejuvenation of hair growth in male pattern baldness.



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