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Virginia WOOF

Virginia WOOF dog perfume


Handmade in England. The collection from Virginia WOOF taps into the same aesthetics of old world British country charm but with a fashionable and fun urban chic. 

Formulated from the finest ingredients and natural oils to keep your pet smelling fresh and delightful.

Mist the scent into the air above your dog and let it settle onto the coat. Long-lasting and scrumptious, you'll be forgiven for thinking that dessert is served. But that will be your dog.

Five delicious scents to choose from:

Rosie  - a beguiling lighter feminine scent of English summer flowers, with jasmine and orange blossom. This pawsh pawfume hypnotises. Under its spell, your pooch will manipulate you into belly rubs, treats and long tender loving alarm-clock-ignoring snuzzles.    

Bebe - a Baby Powder that signifies irresistibly cute and adorable new life and all the wonder and curiosity that goes along with the discovery of worlds to be explored, chewed, tasted and torn up with curious energy. 
Peggy  - with its delicious flavours of rhubarb and custard, this is a traditional Edwardian scent for the non-traditional bitch. It's the perfect mask for her mischievous antics. Let yourself be seduced, but keep an eye on the fridge door and always make sure to puppy proof your pantry.
Winnie - Honey tones with a mix of mild White Flowers impart the scent of a fresh morning and dewdrops. It is the scent of childlike fun and family, and the promise of walkies.
Digby  - the luck of the Irish, this is a perfect blend to cover up the mud and the mayhem of this playful party pooch. Hints of the great outdoors with wood and moss on the nose. We also get pineapple, apple, and blackcurrant. 

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