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As featured on the cover of The Sunday Times Style Magazine.


We are proud to introduce the D&H Horizon Hound Collar. Handcrafted from the finest soft Italian leather, soft suede lining, finished with brass or brass nickel-plated fittings, and featuring a signature contour 'horizon' through the middle.

Available in 5 sizes suitable to Italian Greyhound through to Whippet, Lurcher and Greyhound. Sizes given are for dog neck size - wrap a soft measuring tape snugly around your dog's neck to establish the right size. 



XS        holes at 21 - 27cm (total length 30cm)
S          holes at 25 - 31cm (total length 35cm)
M         holes at 30 - 37cm (total length 40cm)
ML       holes at 35 - 42cm (total length 45cm)
L          holes at 40 - 47cm (total length 50cm)

So, for example, the size M: the first hole is at 30cm from the butt of the leather, the last hole (nearest the end-tip) is 37cm. The total length of the leather strap, not including the buckle, is 40cm.

This collar is made-to-order. Please allow an additional day or two before we are able to send to you (we promise the wait is worth it!)

Please note: leather is a natural product. To ensure its durability, allow to air-dry completely before re-use if your collar gets wet. Do not allow the leather to come into contact with the chemicals from commercially-available flea spot-on treatments. This will damage the leather and may cause the dye to run.

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