Walk In Nail Trim or Quick Face Tidy  9.30am - 3.30pm Tuesday - Saturday - £15-20
Full Ultrasound deep dental sonic clean / teeth descaling - £45 - £55 (allow one hour)
Standard Full Grooming includes double shampoo, brush out & blow dry,
your preferred style and cut length (ideally bring photo reference on your phone)
nail trim, ear clean always included in price.
Your dog will stay with us for about two hours on average.

Price Guide

(email for more info)


PLEASE NOTE. There are several variables that go into the price of treatment.

1. EXPERTISE. We provide a service that is delivered by trained and/or qualified and experienced professionals. We are fully insured in animal care and we're members of The British Isles Grooming Association (

2. BREED AND COAT TYPE. Requirements for washing, drying, styling, clipping and scissoring will vary depending on breed and coat type.

3. SIZE. Some dogs are bigger than other dogs. This may affect the application of time and expertise to provide a treatment. 

4. TEMPERAMENT. We are able to work efficiently and to a high standard but this will depend in large part upon your dog's temperament. If your dog is uncooperative or distressed, extra time will be needed. Or we may have to book another time to complete the groom. Please speak to us about how best to help your dog become accustomed to the process - this may initially include shorter visits. It's really important to get to a point of your dog feeling safe and relaxed during grooming.

5. COAT CONDITION. If your dog's coat is in a poor condition (eg. badly matted), this may take more time because of the extra care and attention spent removing the matts. The best is to re-book every four to six weeks if you're unable to maintain your dog's optimum coat condition at home.


General guidance only, individual cases will vary depending on the conditions described above:

Small Maltese / Yorkie / ShihTzu / Jack Russell* / Border Terrier* from £60*

Small Cockapoo / Cavapoo/ Maltipoo / Toy Poodle / Cavalier / Bichon / Mini Schnauzer from £65

Medium-Large Cockapoo / Cavapoo / Cocker Spaniel  from £75

Westie / Scottie / Bedlington from £65

Terriers* Welsh / Fox  / Tibetan / Irish / Airedale / Kerry Blue from £75

Pomeranian / Small Spitz / Shiba Inu from £75

Large Spitz / Akita / Husky / Malamute / Eurasier from £90

Bernese / Leonberger /Saint Bernard / Chow from £110

Alsatian / German Shepherd from £90

Border Collie / Australian Shepherd / Irish Setter / Springer Spaniel from £75

Hungarian Puli / Komondor / Any Coiled Coat Care  - not available 

Labradoodle / Standard Poodle / Standard Schnauzer from £90

Golden Retriever from £75

Whippet / Greyhound from £60 

Labrador / Doberman / Vizsla / British Bulldog from £65

Staffordshire Bull Terrier from £65

Bullmastiff / Great Dane from £110

Pug / French Bulldog / Boston Terrier from £60



*Price guide doesn't include Stripping.

Stripping for wire haired dogs can take up to three hours longer than regular grooms and often requires two appointments, therefore grooms involving stripping start at £85 for a small breed. An estimate is available on request or consultation.



Add to Your Dog's Groom

Ultrasound deep dental clean / teeth descaling (30mins -1 hour) + £45-£55 

Microbubble spa deep cleanse skin treatment bubble bath + £55

Teatree foot soak and pad massage & moisturise + £15

Brightening Blueberry facial tear stain reduction + £15

Banana Brightening deep cleansing foaming facial + £15

Fresh Breath Mini Clean + £10