Just Barking is the first dog grooming salon in London to provide the micro-bubbles oxygen-saturating immersive bath treatment.

  • pure oxygen saturated water
  • super cleans the skin and coat
  • restores the skin to normal healthy function where steroids and medication fail
  • makes coat softer than you will have ever felt
  • calm and relaxing for your dog
  • improves circulation (reaches all the extremeties)
  • effervescent and rejuvenating
  • no detergents, shampoos, chemicals

A micro-bubble treatment is ideal for the following:

  • dry itchy skin
  • skin rash, redness, irritation
  • hot spots
  • patchy coat and hair loss
  • irritated paws 
  • ear infection
  • any problem skin condition
  • if you would like your dog to be super clean


Let's look at the science behind micro-bubbles

A bath in micro-bubbles (tiny bubbles, smaller than a strand of human hair) is the most scientifically advanced and comprehensive gentle and deep cleanse of a dog's skin and coat. It is not to be confused with Hydrobath, Jacuzzi or the bicarbonate tablets inside a shower head.

Micro-bubbles are so tiny they penetrate the pores of the skin, enter into the follicles and the sebaceous glands and remove the bacteria without soap, shampoo, chemicals or additives - this is purely water saturated with Oxygen (this all happens through the science of negative ions attracting positively charged bacteria - a bit like the air you breathe if you're in a forest standing next to a waterfall compared to the air you breathe when you're in the Trafalgar Square roundabout during rush hour - but multiplied a million times...).

A micro-bubbles treatment will require 15 minutes extra to your dog's groom, please ask about the additional to pay for this specialised treatment. It is ideal as preventative care and is known rapidly to treat and heal skin conditions including demodex (mites), recurring ear infection, bald patches (known to rejuvenate hair growth), hot-spots, dryness, rash, redness, irritation.

The use of micro-bubbles for human use in the treatment of excema, psoriasis, hair-loss, improved circulation, a variety of dermatological conditions and more, as well as general well-being, is well-established. There is even a Japanese patent application for the use of micro-bubbles in the treatment of male pattern baldness. Our system at Just Barking is similar to this one - so any requests from balding men for immersive micro-bubbles will be handled on a case-by-case basis. :-)