At Just Barking all grooming is holistic – which means that we take an interest in your pet’s overall health and well-being.


Your dog's health and well-being will benefit from regular grooming:

  • General health and fitness check with each visit
  • Warm water baths in all-natural shampoo
  • Blow-dry and brush to ensure coat health  
  • Scissoring and styling to breed standards
  • Cleaning the ears
  • Trimming the nails
  • Optional Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning* (see also our page on Dental Care)


Qualified Professionals

We believe strongly in the importance of professional training and qualification to ensure the highest standards. Our qualifications include the International Certified Master Groomer (ICMG UK) as well as City & Guilds.



These are prestigious designations to ensure that our groomers are at the cutting edge of dog grooming standards. It’s also to reassure you, the dog owner, that we have achieved the highest international recognitions when it comes to animal care, health, welfare and safety.


British Isles Grooming Association

At Just Barking, we are also members of the British Isles Grooming Association (BIGA)

One of the owners of Just Barking, Kristian, is actually the chairman of BIGA. Kristian works closely with a panel of experts advising government about best practice in animal welfare and safety during grooming. The aim is to increase professionalism across the industry - and our membership of BIGA is to reassure you that we are both fully insured as well as accountable to an external, professional governing body. We are committed to the highest standards in pet grooming and welcome this scrutiny and oversight to ensure your dog’s health, welfare and safety are of the highest priority.


Happy or Sad with our grooming?

Just Barking is featured on the UK's top online directory of professional pet groomers. If you are happy with our grooming, our groomers would be thrilled by your positive review on If you are unhappy for any reason, please do let us know directly. Ring the salon on 020 8964 3231 or email 




Pricing is determined by size and breed of your pet as well as condition of the coat and general temperament. Although we might provide pricing estimates over the phone, we will assess each animal on the day during a pre-grooming consultation and confirm the expected price and time required. Grooming for adult dogs starts at £60, with a reduced rate, dependent on breed, for puppies under three months.

For more information about pricing, please consult our guidance here.




Please note that, due to the manual nature of the procedure, hand-stripping is charged on top of the grooming base-rate for your dog’s breed, depending on size, fullness of coat and time/effort required.



At Just Barking we take guidance from the Five Freedoms within the Animal Welfare Act. This means we will not put a dog through pain, or risk their health and well-being, to brush out serious matts (imagine combing out dreadlocks and how much this would pull at, and damage, your skin). If your dog has just a few matts, we may be able to take care of these and / or clip these out and style your dog in such a way that blends the clipped area into the longer coat.

Please also note that if your dog is badly matted, the groomers will need to take more time with shaving the matted areas. This is time-intensive and requires extra care not to cause any nicks if the matts have formed close to the skin. Think of this as emergency treatment of a neglected coat. Shaving may lead to clipper irritation of the skin or reveal a previously undetected skin condition. If your dog has required remedial shaving, please keep an eye on his/her behaviours after grooming. The dog’s skin may be sensitive, irritated or ticklish and your dog may lick, nibble or scratch incessantly in certain areas. This can potentially lead to redness, rash, inflammation or even a hot spot. We cannot take responsibility for these developments when we have had to treat a neglected coat but we will do our best to advise you of your responsibility after treatment and ongoing preventative care.


All-natural Treatment of skin conditions: DOGZILIAN

At Just Barking, we have developed all-natural treatments for dogs with chronic and recurring skin conditions. If you are concerned by the ongoing use of medicated shampoos, medicines, steroids, anti-biotics and more on your dog's health (and kidneys in particular), please consider DOGZILIAN.

Dogzilian All-Natural Shampoo Treatment is 100 per cent pure and natural, made with Coconut and Lemon Peel Oil.

Dogzilian All-Natural Soothing Serum is a natural anti-inflammatory ideal for the treatment of angry redness, rash, irritation, hot-spots and as a cooling and soothing gel after grooming, especially on the bare skin of the belly and hygiene areas. Identified by leading groomers as the perfect treatment for irritated Poodle feet.

Dogzilian All-Natural Nourishing Moisturiser, which includes Propolis, is ideal for dogs suffering from dryness or irritation on their noses, tips of the ears, folds of skin on the face or on dry cracked pads of the paws and dryness or irritation between the toes.


Quick Visits

You are welcome to book a Quick Visit if your pet requires, for example, nail clipping, ear cleaning or a limited tidy up. Quick Visits start at £15.



Please contact us directly on 020 8964 3231 to book an appointment. 

... and Cancellations or need to re-schedule

Please provide 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or re-schedule. We will likewise provide 24 hours notice if for one reason or another we cannot accommodate your booking.