"The silky soft swirl of micro-bubbles over your dog's skin and coat is the most effective treatment we provide at removing and preventing the bacteria that causes recurring and chronic skin conditions and ear infections"

Kristian Maris, Chairman of the British Isles Grooming Association (BIGA) and partner at Just Barking


Just Barking is London's first pet salon to feature micro-bubbles!

Do not confuse with Hydrobath or Jacuzzi, or even bicarbonate tablets in your shower head.

A treatment with micro-bubbles involves your dog sitting in a separate tub of warm water. 

No additives. No chemicals. No shampoo. No soap. Just water, saturated with Oxygen.

Billions of tiny micro-bubbles fill the tub giving the water a cloudy or milky appearance. The micro-bubbles, which are smaller than a human hair, travel into the pores of the skin and into the hair follicles.

The bubbles are negatively ionised and therefore attract positively-charged bacteria. This process ensures the removal of bacteria from the tiniest of places, helping to restore the skin and coat to its regular function and the self-regulation of nourishing and moisturising the skin.


A treatment with micro-bubbles will take about 15 minutes depending on the size of your dog and thickness of its coat.


A treatment with micro-bubbles is available in the following formats:

  • Micro-bubbles single treatment small-medium dog, 12-15 minutes, £10 in addition to the normal grooming treatment
  • Micro-bubbles single treatment med-med/large dog, 15 minutes, £15 in addition to the normal grooming treatment
  • Course of three treatments, exclusive of regular grooming (ie. recommended three times within a two-week period) £97 small-medium dog (or £35 per treatment) and £147 for med-med/large dog (or £55 per treatment)*

* price may vary depending on breed. For example, a short-coated Vizsla will be much easier/faster to rinse initially and to dry afterwards compared to a double-coated Newfoundland