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D&H Rolled Leather Couplers


The D&H Rolled Leather Coupler (aka coupling or 'split lead') is ideal for the multi-dog-owning family. Two dogs can be attached to the coupler: two separate straps are connected to a larger brass or silver O-ring. You then attach the D&H Rolled Leather Short Lead and you have the ability to walk two dogs on 'one' lead.

Each strap measures 40cm including trigger hook at the end. The Short Rolled Leather Lead measures 50cm including handle and trigger hook. Total overall length is approx 95cm.

Available across a range of classic and contemporary colours: Traditional English Tan (camel), Dark Brown or Black, with brass fittings. Modern and vibrant Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, or Baby Pink with silver fittings. (Black is also available with silver fittings - just select Black and then leave message in the purchase path that you would like silver instead of brass fittings.)

All fittings are solid brass or nickel-plated solid brass (silver).

The internal cord is made of racing rope - the same rope used by yachtsmen. It won't rot if it gets wet and has a break-point in the hundreds or more of kilograms (just in case you've got a really big dog). 

The D&H Rolled Leather Coupler is sold as a set with the D&H Rolled Leather Short Lead (the short lead is 50cm including handle and trigger hook). If you would like to purchase a coupler separately, please select 'Purchase Coupler Separately'.

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