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Short Rolled Leather Lead


The D&H Short Rolled Leather Lead is ideal for keeping your dog 'on a short lead'. At a total length of only 50cm including the handle and trigger hook, the short lead is also suited to taller dogs that need to be kept close to your side.

The short lead is mostly used in conjunction with the 'coupler' (or 'split lead') which allows two dogs to be walked on one lead.

Handmade in England using the finest soft European leathers and solid brass or nickel-plated brass fittings. The internal cord is the same rope used by professional yachtsment - which means it won't rot if it gets wet and has a tensile strength into the thousands of kilograms (sure, your dog might only be a cockerpoo or a dachshund - but when it comes to safety we don't take any chances and we don't compromise on quality).

Available across a spectrum of traditional and contemporary colours: classic English Tan (camel) or Dark Brown with brass fittings. Vibrant Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Stone Grey or Baby Pink with silver fittings (nickel-plated brass). Black available in brass or silver fittings.

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